Welcome to our Chamblee, GA neighborhoods!

Neighborhoods, 11 Communities, Approximately 1200 Registered Voters

What is DECA?- Dresden East Civic Association – DECA – is a nonprofit Civic Association created to preserve and enhance our neighborhoods.  We are guided in our work by overall community interests dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of life for residents in the DECA neighborhoods and surrounding areas.

Membership Announcement From DECA's VP

My name is Jimmy Furst and I’m Vice President of DECA. One question we always are asked is why should I Join DECA? This was a question that I, myself had a hard time answering this time last year. What was our why? Our driving purpose? Our mission statement? To be very transparent we did not have a strong one, but things have changed in the last year. We have a powerful why and clear missions as DECA plays are vital role in politics, social events, and community out-reach, and we want you to be a part of it.

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In the past, DECA played an important role in politics in our area. The organization was needed to have a voice in DeKalb County. We worked with county on the issues that were important in our neighborhoods and DECA was a strong voice in getting our homes annexed in the City of Chamblee. We still play this important function within the community as City Council regularly attends our Board Meetings and Quarterly meetings.  In fact, we hosted both Mayoral candidates for Q & A at the DECA Quarterly meeting this last fall. This year, we will be holding a summit with City Council about the items important and that effect you.  We will continue to act as advocates for the DECA area and continue to host events that will allow you to interact with your elected officials.

As we continue to act as advocates for DECA politically, we see our biggest role in bringing our neighbors together and showing pride where we live. We have some amazing social events that we are excited to share with our members. This year National Night Out (NNO) will be have a different focus from past years. The more members we have at respective neighborhood picnics, the bigger it will be! In addition, we are planning to have our initial Yard of the Month contest. We will pick a home from each neighborhood and they will win the coveted Yard of the Month award. More details on this to come!

Lastly as a member, you can help and contribute to DECA’s community outreach. Every year we undertake Holiday for Heroes during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. We bring our First Responders in the DECA and surrounding areas meals around these times when they cannot be with their families. We were also able to donate to the help fund the DeKalb County Police memorial that can be found in Dresden Park. We plan to continue Holiday for Heroes this holiday season and we are always looking for ways to improve our area. Without your memberships, we cannot do great projects like these.

So how can you become a member?  The easiest way is to click on become or renew your membership.  Please consider joining to help contribute to making our neighborhoods great and helping us in our political, social and community outreach missions. See you around the DECA area!

  • DECA Passes Tree Resolution
    DECA plant trees.
    In late January, the DECA Board passed the resolution linked below expressing community support for trees to be planted in Chamblee, GA to replace the trees recently cut down during PDK airport construction.  The resolution has been sent to the Chamblee Mayor and Council, PDK Airport and our DeKalb Commissioners, Jeff Rader and Kathie Gannon.

    The resolution reads as follows:
    A RESOLUTION, expressing community support for the replacement of trees in Chamblee, Georgia to replace the number of trees cut down during recent construction, including runway and hangar expansion, in 2017 and 2018 at Dekalb-Peachtree Airport.

    WHEREAS, DECA is a non-profit Civic Association created to preserve and enhance eight neighborhoods comprised of approximately 1,200 homes in Chamblee. We are guided in our work by overall community interests dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of life for residents in the DECA neighborhoods and surrounding areas.

    WHEREAS, Dekalb-Peachtree Airport is located in Chamblee adjacent to DECA’s geographical boundaries.

    WHEREAS, one of DECA’s objectives in its bylaws is, “to ensure that the area is preserved principally for quality residential use and to oppose the intrusion of elements that adversely affect the quality of our communities in terms of appearance, safety, property value, and overall atmosphere.”

    WHEREAS, DECA believes that trees of similar size, type, and number to those lost should be planted in Chamblee to replace the trees removed from airport grounds during recent construction. The construction and expansion, including a new runway and hangars, will lead to increased air traffic. Therefore, air and noise pollution will also increase. As trees and other foliage are a natural counterpoint to these types of pollution, Chamblee needs the replacement of these natural resources to protect the appearance, safety, property value, and overall atmosphere of the city.

    THEREFORE, IT IS RESOLVED that on January 30th, 2018, the DECA Board of Directors voted to support the efforts of the City of Chamblee, Georgia and other interested parties to ensure that the number of trees removed by recent construction and expansion at Dekalb-Peachtree Airport are restored in Chamblee.

    DECA Board of Directors
    January 30th, 2018
    Posted Feb 3, 2018, 6:51 AM by DECA Atlanta
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What DECA Does...

DECA has various goals from year to year.  Stopping crime, re-beautification of the neighborhoods within the community along with the parks, and working with the city to get the changes needed in our community put to the forefront of their agendas.  2017 is no different.  Our main goals are:

  • Contributing time and funds to making Buford Highway beautiful.
  • Creating a Safety Committee.
  • DECA dog tags to incorporate the neighborhood pets.

These are just some of the main highlights we're working on and want you to be a part of it!

You might be thinking, “How do I get involved?"  Well, it's pretty simple!  Become a member.  There are multiple ways to become a member too.  You can sign up at our next quarterly meeting.  You can turn in the membership form in the DECAzette, or you can become a member here.  By doing so and contributing $20 (the price of one soft drink monthly), you are helping the ultimate cause of making where WE live a better place.