DECA Bylaws

In March 2015 after a Board retreat to set goals for year, the DECA Board considered having our annual elections in October of the current year instead of January of the next year.  This would allow the new incoming Board a few months time to set goals before taking office the next year.

Making this change would also allow the new Board to work closely with the Budget Committee (which begins meeting in October) to create a budget to achieve those goals.  In addition, it would make the transition from one Board to the next Board easier.

This change along with other related changes to the bylaws were proposed and passed at the April 2015 DECA Board meeting. They were introduced at the April quarterly membership meeting and passed unanimously at the July 2015 quarterly meeting. 

Below are the final current bylaws.  DECA’s map did not changing, but is part of the bylaws. You can find that here: DECA MAP

If you have any questions or comments about our bylaws, please email us at 

FINAL DECA Bylaws after revisions - summer 2015.pdf
DECA Atlanta,
Jul 21, 2015, 11:32 AM