Community Projects

DECA would like to get more involved in implementing projects that will directly impact the residents of our neighborhoods. After seeing the success of nearby Ashford Park residents in raising $100,000 to make improvement to Ashford Park Elementary through the Atlanta crowd funding startup URUUT (see video), we figured we could do much of the same. It has been suggested that we start with some smaller fundraising projects and work our way up to the larger ones once we've seen some success. At the October 2013 DECA Quarterly meeting we polled those in attendance to get some ideas for potential projects. Here is a list of the projects that were mentioned at the meeting along with other ideas that have been presented to the board. We've made it easy to submit your own ideas for consideration using our online form. We look forward to making some great improvements throughout the community with the help of a great Atlanta startup.

Project Ideas:

We would like to hear your feedback on the projects you would like to see. So far we've received the following ideas which must be evaluated and presented to URUUT.

  • Construction of a Community Dog Park
  • Community Cleanup Projects
  • Neighborhood Entrance Signs
  • Community Garden(s)
  • MARTA Bus Stop Improvements (Benches, Cover, etc.)
  • Turn Empty Lots Into Parks
  • And More!

Current Projects In Motion:

More information coming soon. Real time updates on projects will be included here...